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Isabel Varela is a woman on a mission. She has made it her life’s work to create a reformed fashion movement focused on educating consumers on how their choices can affect the mind, body and environment. 

We've set out to make a difference.

At Isabel Varela, it’s our goal to empower others to make positive changes. We want to educate consumers on sustainable fashion, showing them the viable alternatives that will make a difference in their lives. It’s up to us to make conscious, intentional choices.

We believe in the concept of slow fashion, and investing in pieces you love. That’s why each of our garments is made to order, reducing waste and guaranteeing that it is made just for you. Our products are made right at home, here in NYC. This allows for a transparent supply chain, ensuring that we understand exactly where are products are made, and who makes them. All of our products are crafted using organic, non-toxic fabrics that are locally sourced.

What are people saying?

Our community is growing, and togther we are affecting change.

Cameron Reid

Environmental Blogger

Frances Castro

Sustainability Advocate

Alexander Ortiz

National Geographic Photographer

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